Wine Cooler 28b SR26A

ตู้แช่ไวน์ Wine Cooler SR26A
ตู้แช่ไวน์ ขนาดเล็กบรรจุได้ 28 ขวด
ราคา 21,900 THB

                                                                           Zones:Single Zone
Cubage:88L, load 28 bottles of wine
Temperature Range:5-22°C
Optional Color:black/red/brown wood grain
Wooden shelves(Beech):six beech shelves and one basket
Rated Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
Power Input: 95W
Power Consumption: 0.45kw.h/24h(15°C)
NW/GW: 40kg/42kg
Product Dimension(W x D x H)mm:450x420x930
Packing Dimension(W x D x H)mm:490x450x980
Free-standing installation,optional security lock
PVC door  
Blue LED readout with digital control
Celsius and Fahrenheit switch